About Us

About Us

We are a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides vocational training for intellectually disabled and challenged young adults.

As intellectually disabled children grow older, their parents may not be able to care for them or may not be able to provide the skills necessary for this population to reach all of their potential.  So therefore, there is an extreme need for a safe facility to accommodate this growing population in both care, as well as constructive vocational skills.

There is also an overwhelming need to lead economically challenged young adults into a more productive lifestyle.  We provide a safe and structured environment that will allow and encourage these young men and women the opportunity for education, mentoring and guidance.

As a community, the Permian Basin should recognize what a pivotal time this is and take action to create a safe and sound environment for this very great need.  This is just what we intend to do; however, we need your help.

Mission Statement: House of the Sycamore Tree has a goal or mission to use God’s Word and guidance as the cornerstone of our foundation.  We are devoted to implementing innovative, educational, skills-oriented programs to assist challenged individuals in leading fuller and more productive lives.

Guiding Principles:
1. Include faith and God in all that we do.
2. Our programs should improve the conditions and environments of people’s lives.

Chapel Hill Baptist Church Women’s Ministry is making aprons and nap mats and all proceeds are donated to the House of the Sycamore Tree.                                               

Please go to their website and choose your apron todayhttp://www.facebook.com/apronministry

House of the Sycamore Board of Directors

President- Byron Jones
Vice-President- Laura Sikes
Secretary- Vicki Cleere
Chaplain- Byron Jones
Treasurer- Vicki Cleere
Member-At-Large- Josette Zeigler


Assisted Living Facility Committee
Chair: Micah Pettigrew
Eddie Landrum
Hal Feldman
Travis Cooper
Marilyn Hall

Vocational Training Committee
Chair: Micah Pettigrew
Grace Garcia
Christie Landrum
Nancy McCann
Karen Fambro

Marketing Committee
Chairs: Josette Zeigler and Vicki Cleere
Karen Fambro
Jeff Cleere
Gracie Evaro
Courtney Blackshear
Jeff Cleere
David Zeigler

Fundraising Committee
Chairs: Josette Zeigler and Vicki Cleere
Angie Redding
Jeff Cleere
David Zeigler
Tammy Buford

Prayer Committee
Chair: Micah Pettigrew
Byron Jones
Marshalla Hutson
Kathey Posey
Trent Kissee

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  1. kerry gallagher says:

    Nathan, enjoyed hunting this weekend with you and your wife. thank you for taking my boys under your wing and showing them some new things. They are still talking about it. i did not mention this but I am finishing up my doctorate and will be done with my dissertation this time next year. As incredible as it may sound i was really thinking about a type of unstructure, individual based program/curriculum that really fulfills the real needs of students. problem was there are no such places until you and your wife started this one. What a tremendous leap of faith both you took in starting this school. It shows the stength and committment both of you have in God and the purpose he has for your lives. I hope to begin something similar to your school very soon. both of you were a great inspiration to me. God bless! Kerry.

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