Criteria for Admission to Vocational Training and Community Based Instruction 

The House of the Sycamore Tree provides vocational training and community-based instruction to individuals who have a diagnosis of an intellectual disability that is attributable to mental impairments.

The following qualifications must be met to qualify for services:

  1. Must be intellectually disabled
  2. Must be 16 years or older
  3. Must be able to gain skills necessary for employment
  4. Must be able to stay with a group without supervision
  5. Their condition causes substantial functioning limitations in:
    Self-care, Receptive and Expressive language,Learning self-direction
  6. Applicants admitted to service must have the following characteristics or skills: Able to independently participate in programmed activities (i.e., vocational and educational programs and social activities) Able to independently take care of personal needs such as feeding, toileting, grooming, etc.                                                                                      Demonstrates no behaviors posing serious danger to self, others or property.  Must be physically and mentally capable of independently following directions under emergency conditions.

Most of our services are completely free of charge to our participants.

If a participant wants to receive Individualized Vocational Training (IVT), taught one-on-one by a certified teacher, the cost will be as follows:

1. For every $20 donation that is raised in the participant’s name, they will receive one hour of vocational training.

2. For every 2 hours of structured House of the Sycamore Tree approved volunteer time supplied by friends and family, the participant will receive one hour of IVT.


Friends and family of participants are expected to volunteer for services and events hosted by the House of the Sycamore Tree and to serve on a minimum of one committee per year.

The House of the Sycamore Tree is a 501c3 nonprofit organization so all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

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